How to prove a fall on the street in order to claim – Spanish Public Administration

Did you have a fall in Spain? If you want to know how to act, please read the following article.

A fall on a public road can be due to many causes. Among them, it can be the cause of a break in the road that can cause damage. In this situation, you should know that you have the right to claim and receive compensation for it.

The obligation of reparation by public institutions takes place within the framework known as Patrimonial Responsibility of Public Administrations. Civil Liability is likely to arise when a person is injured, for example, after falling or tripping on public roads as a result of the poor condition of a sidewalk or poorly placed pavement, loose tiles, lack of signaling, insufficient lighting, etc.

However, the liability is not automatically determined. The causal nexus is the causal relationship that exists between an action determining damage and the damage produced.

In order to claim compensation, our Barcelona lawyers recommend:

  • Call the Police at the time of the accident, so they can make a report, photos of the damage, take the witnesses’ details, etc. It is advisable to call the telephone number 112.

  • Look for witnesses. If there is a witness, it must be included in the police report, since his statement will be essential in the event of a trial. It is also important for the witness to give us his / her information: name, surname, address and telephone number, in case they have to be summoned to trial.

  • Go to the emergency department of a hospital, so that the injuries are reflected in the emergency medical report. If you can’t get around because of pain or a broken bone, you can call an ambulance. On the 112 phone they can also send you an ambulance. In addition, afterwards you should see your primary care medical center’s GP or general practitioner, as soon as possible.

  • In the event that this fall leads to sick leave, the temporary work disability reports (issued by the doctors until total recovery) must also be required.


Our Barcelona Lawyers will check the case and the recent judgements to determine if you can receive compensation or not.

Once our Barcelona Lawyers advise you and conclude that the Administration could be responsible for the injuries, wholly or partly, in the claim letter, our English Speaking lawyers should fix all your damages and quantify the compensation results for them.

In these cases, the law establishes a scale of compensation in accidents that is updated annually.

The damages can be personal (injuries) or material (for example if the mobile phone breaks in the fall).

The damages can be: Death, Temporary injuries, consequences of the injuries, material damage, Non-pecuniary damage…

The client will also receive compensation for the days that he has needed for his healing (injury stabilization).

Our Barcelona Lawyers know how to quantify the damages, which is very important to claim. Also, they are English Speaking Lawyers who can explain to you all you need to know. Our Spanish Solicitors can draft and submit the claim to the Public Administration and manage all the proceedings acting on your behalf.


 Disclaimer: This information in this article is not definitive, for up to date legal advice which is relevant to your case, please contact our Spanish lawyers directly.

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