You need rehabilitation

We know rehabilitation following an accident is fundamental to reducing the effects of your injuries as much as possible.

Many clients come to our specialist traffic accident lawyers several months after the accident, having already begun the process of rehabilitation through Social Security or the insurance company.

Sometimes, the insurance provider sends the client a doctor or physiotherapist whose clinic or surgery is far away from the client’s work or home. This can mean they end up not going to the consultations, despite not being fully recovered, due to their work commitments. Also, we often find that clients stop going to their rehabilitation because they can’t travel due to their injuries or illness and don’t have anyone who can take them. Other times, the client simply doesn’t like the doctor or physiotherapist and would feel more comfortable switching to a different one.

We’ll help you find the right medical professional for you

What many clients don’t know is that it’s possible to change doctor to another private medical professional, and this can be done without any cost for the client. Our lawyers work with medical professionals in all cities in Spain and we’ll advise you on which doctor or physiotherapist can treat you. We’ll explain how to get effective and free treatment which matches your individual case. This isn’t done by magic, but by a framework agreement which regulates comprehensive healthcare given to clients who have suffered injuries due to traffic accidents. Our objective as advisers is not only to get compensation, but also to give you access to the services available to you in order to help the healing and stabilisation of your injuries.

Having a specialist lawyer is always in your interest, but it’s even more important in the case of traffic accidents because they can inform you of specific information and resources. Additionally, we contact medical professionals who are experts in damage assessment in order to calculate your compensation and ensure that you receive the maximum compensation.

Don’t hesitate; if you’ve had a traffic accident, contact our accident lawyers by filling in our form or calling our telephone number or WhatsApp which you will find above, and they will help you.

Disclaimer: This information in this article is not definitive, for up to date legal advice which is relevant to your case, please contact our lawyers directly.

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