Family Law

Family law is any part of Private Law which regulates the relationships between family members. Our firm, Piñera del Olmo, located in Barcelona, has lawyers who specialise in Family Law who can advise and represent you in judiciary proceedings related with this sub-speciality.

In general, family judiciary relations are separated into four types of relationships:

  • Conjugal, or marital relationships (which also exist between partners, according to Law). The Civil Code considers these relationships to be between married couples.
  • Relationships of parentage.
  • Relationships of parentage (central family with different parents).
  • Relationships of guardianship for protection of minors and the disabled.

These relationships can be divided into Family Law, which forms three fundamental parts:

  • Marriage: Family Law regulates this denomination, its budgets and requirements, also in situations of crisis (separation and divorce) and the patrimonial economic system.

  • Parentage: marital, extramarital or adoptive. Recently, there have been problems arising which relate to assisted reproduction and parental authority.

  • Guardianship: such as foster care, legal guardianship and supervision for the protection of minors, prodigals and the disabled.

How we can help

Our lawyers who specialise in Family Law can help with your family crises, offering advice from a judicial-personal point of view. This includes helping to draft Parentage Plans to regulate the relationships between parents and children. We will help, amongst other things, to draft a deal which will regulate the maintenance obligations between parents and ensure a fair outcome.

With ample experience in disability proceedings, our lawyers are specialists in Family Law so can help you with all types of proceedings, organizing the necessary documents and assisting with the Court of the First Instance, for those who do not have the ability to look after themselves and their own wellbeing.

If you are having problems related to Family Law, please do not hesitate to get in contact with our firm. Our lawyers will be able to provide legal advice for all types of cases.

Disclaimer: This information in this article is not definitive, for up to date legal advice which is relevant to your case, please contact our lawyers directly.

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