Legal advice

Legal guide

Do you have doubts about the different legal professionals and registries in Spain? You have to read our guide. In the legal guide, you will find the answers to the FAQ by foreign clients...

Property Law

Property Law, or Land Law, is formed from regulations within Civil Law. These are often related to rules from other Legal areas (Procedural, Administrative, Commercial, Tax etc.).


Civil Law Advice

Our team of civil law solicitors and legal advisers has a wide experience in providing civil law advice to national and international businesses as well as to private individuals, in all areas of civil law.

Commercial Law Advice

Our team of commercial law solicitors and legal advisers includes renowned professional staff at a national and international level. They have extensive experience in a wide range of corporate...

Tax Law Advice

Our team of tax law solicitors and legal advisers provides tax law advice to our clients, both national and international, always looking out for their interests with the utmost dedication.

Aviation Law

We can advise companies, pilots and entities in Aviation Law. We advice national, community and extra-Community air companies, dedicated to commercial air transport.

Traffic Accidents

Our office includes specialization in claims for traffic accidents and legal services for the victims. Victims include not only the driver but also other occupants of the vehicle, passengers...

Legal Translations

Piñera del Olmo SLP provides, in addition to legal services in a wide range of law practice areas, legal translation services from our offices located in the centre of Barcelona, in Gràcia.

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