Our lawyers are independent from all insurers

We all know what a conflict of interest is, but not everyone is familiar with a conflict of independence.

Our traffic accident lawyers are specialised in working with victims and only victims. We do not represent insurance companies and we never will. Raúl Piñera, partner of the firm, made this decision with the simple objective of avoiding conflicts of independence and interest.

We don’t represent insurers

If our firm were to represent an insurance company and then a victim came to us with a case against the same company, could we adequately defend a case in this situation? Personally, we don’t think so and so WE ONLY REPRESENT VICTIMS, never companies.

Our opinion is that in order to defend a victim to the best of our ability, we must only charge a percentage of the compensation won and work only for victims.

Our services are often free

The insurance company can offer the victim of an accident a lawyer paid for by the company, but what the client must take into account is that all insurance policies cover legal expenses. This coverage varies, but policies always allow for the money for coverage of legal expenses to be used for hiring and paying, in part or in full, a private lawyer. Our lawyers always use this clause so that the client may recover all or part of our fees. Therefore, in many cases, there are clients who end up using our services for FREE, because they’re covered by their insurance policy

If you hire our law firm, the client will always be you and we will have no relationship with the insurer from whom we claim, given that it’s you who pays us and you who we are representing, there is no conflict of interest. Furthermore, we only charge a percentage of what you’re paid in compensation so that not only is there no conflict of interest but also, we share the same interest. The more compensation you can get, the better it is for us, because we charge a percentage of your compensation.

For that reason, based on our personal criteria, our firm has made the decision to only represent the injured party and we think this has been a good policy, as we have accumulated almost two decades of work obtaining the best possible results for our clients.

Contact us

If all the above doesn’t convince you or you have any questions, call our traffic accident lawyers. You can do this via WhatsApp, for free, or by filling out the web form and we’ll call you. You can also do it by sending us an email or calling our telephone number.

DISCLAIMER: The information in this article is not definitive. For up-to-date information which is relevant to your case, please contact our lawyers in Spain.

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