Tax Law Advice

Our team of tax law solicitors and legal advisers provides tax law advice to our clients, both national and international, always looking out for their interests with the utmost dedication.

Piñera del Olmo SLP is a renowned law office of international solicitors and legal advisers which has, over the years, built up extensive experience in the most diverse areas of tax law.

Our office includes tax advisers who advise large national and international companies for all types of transactions. Taxation is becoming increasingly complex, and international trading is becoming more and more frequent, partly due to the rise of the internet.

Our tax law specialists offer their clients a comprehensive service that includes: advice on management and tax settlement on direct and indirect taxation, answering tax-related queries, tax law expert reports, fiscal planning (national and international), tax regimes of non-residents, advice on tax inspections.

National Tax Advice

We advise clients on all types of taxes and state, autonomous and local taxes.

International Tax Advice

Our tax advisers advise non-residents who are trading or have assets in Spain. We are able to carry out this service in various languages.

Family-owned Enterprises

We carry out management and advice to optimise the management of a family business and helping carry out all types of business. In the cases of family businesses, tax advisers keep in mind the specific nature of these businesses, remembering in each case to consider both commercial as well as family advice. This involves organizing relations between the family as much as relations between the family and company.

Our lawyers advise family businesses in the process of business re-structuring and in businesses in crises.

Property Tax Advice

The Tax Advisers at Piñera del Olmo advise clients prior to investment, disinvestment or finance.

Tax Litigation Law

Our Tax Advisers represent our clients before the Tax Administration and before Tribunals. Similarly, they act as litigating administrators and criminal administrators, in the case of Tax Crimes.

Financial Tax Law

Tax advice directed to insurance, banking and financial companies which need tax advice prior to the selling of products.

Our tax law advice department is at your complete disposal for any questions you may have. Should you need further information or legal advice, please do not hesitate to contact our lawyers.

Disclaimer: This information in this article is not definitive, for up to date legal advice which is relevant to your case, please contact our lawyers directly.

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