Compensation for Victims of Traffic Accidents

Traffic accidents are a common occurrence. It is important to know if you qualify for compensation after a traffic accident. Our experienced lawyers can help you get adequate compensation if you or a loved one have been involved in a traffic accident in Spain. 

Who is considered a victim?

There are two possible types of victims in traffic accidents. First is the direct victim. This is the person who is involved in the accident. If a person suffers from injuries as a result of the traffic accident, they have a right to compensation for the injuries they suffered due to the accident. 

If the accident causes death, the victim still has a right to compensation. In this case the victim cannot be compensated for their own death, therefore the compensation would go to their heirs. 

This brings us to our next type of victim, which is the indirect victim. The family members of a victim are indirect victims. The law recognizes that in some accidents, it is not just the person who is involved in the accident that experiences harm. Families have the right to compensation if the direct victim has passed away or has been severely injured (art.52). This type of compensation includes coverage for medical and psychological treatment received due to the accident.

Note: If no one involved in the accident suffers a personal injury, this system is not applicable. 



What type of injuries call for compensation?

The three incidents that call for compensation are death, permanent injury, and temporary injury. In the case of death, those affected are the family of the deceased, therefore they will receive the compensation. As for permanent injury, the direct victim is compensated for injuries they will suffer from for the rest of their life. In the case of temporary injuries, a person will be compensated until the end of their healing process. 

What damages are compensated?

There are three types of damages that are covered through compensation. The first is basic personal injury, which accounts for pain, suffering, or moral damages. The next is personal injury, but with consideration of the specific circumstances of the case. This type of damage leads to a more personalized compensation. Lastly, there is property damage, for which the compensation covers things such as loss of wages and extra expenses that have arisen due to the accident.

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