Economic Criminal Law

Our firm includes specialists in economic criminal law who provide legal advice for companies. Our criminal lawyers> have extensive knowledge of tax and market laws.

To avoid unwanted problems, our criminal lawyers carry out pre-emptive work to assess the possible risk of specific actions of a company. This allows measures of control and prevention to be implemented, training of company staff to take place and internal preventative audits to be carried out, all with the aim of preventing crime.

With a programme of prevention, set out by our criminal lawyers, one can:

  • Avoid problems for which the company may be culpable, both within and outside the structure of the company.
  • Condemn crimes which have serious consequences and which can lead to dissolution.
  • Protect the criminal liability of administration and governing bodies.

In the case of a crime having been committed, our criminal lawyers will support the company in each step of the proceedings. We also advise companies and managing bodies in strategic planning. We are able to give criminal law advice in processes of restructuring companies, with legal aspects being just as important as the labour, tax and commercial considerations. Finally, our criminal lawyers carry out due diligence to precede the acquisition of a company. If the criminal due diligence is carried out before acquiring a company, this can avoid criminal punishment for infringements carried out by the companies which are trying to be purchased. Our criminal lawyers who are specialised in economic criminal law are available to help with any legal questions which you may have.

Disclaimer: This information in this article is not definitive, for up to date legal advice which is relevant to your case please contact our lawyers.

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