Tax Crimes in Spain

Although it is a crime which varies each year, our lawyers consider that this type of crime may increase in the coming years due to the greater connection between countries and between the Administrations within Spain.

The crimes which consist of fraud against the Public Administration, specifically those committed against the Public Treasury and Social Security, which are included in our Spanish Criminal Code, Organic Law 10/1995, of the 23rd of November, of the Criminal Code,

The Spanish Constitution, in article 31, states that all will contribute to the sustaining of public spending through a fair tax system. Crimes against the Public Treasury constitute one of the most genuine examples of economic crimes, relating to trying to protect not only the public treasury but also all the political and social economics.

The legal principle which is immediately protected is the wealth of the Public Treasury, specifically relating to tax collection. That does not mean to be unaware of the existence of a direct or indirect legal principles, which is the legal principle represented by the functions which the tax is accountable for.

For this type of crimes, our office includes lawyers who are specialised in taxation and criminal law who can give an integral service which is orientated to your needs.

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