Division of Assets

Appropriately dividing up assets after a divorce is an important process. According to the law, assets can be divided in two ways. The way in which your assets will be divided depends on where you live. 

When “separación de bienes” system is used, divorcing parties keep whatever they brought into the marriage. When dividing joint assets, each spouse get a percentage. This is determined by how much each party contributed to that asset. In these cases, past courts have given financial value to raising children and completing chores around the house.

On the other hand, in the “sociedad de gananciales” system all assets gained during the time the parties were married belong equally to both parties. The only exceptions are private goods. Dual ownership applies to the majority of assets including businesses and items bought during the marriage. Especially interesting is the new ruling of the Supreme Court, Civil Chamber, Judgment May 27, 2019

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