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International Transportation of Goods

Publicado por Pinera del Olmo el 15/01/2020
When you hear the words “international transport of goods” what is the first thing that comes up in your head? International transportation of goods in law deals with goods that are to be send abroad whether is by air, sea or land. Goods are any type of goods, whether it is a personal or a […]
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Raúl Piñera recognized in BestLawyers

Publicado por Pinera del Olmo el 10/12/2019
Best Lawyers recognizes Raúl Piñera among the best lawyers in Spain The respected Best Lawyers, publication in which the same lawyers are who vote and decide which professionals should be included in each year, taking into account their career and professional work, has decided to include the professional Raúl Piñera in his list of best […]
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New Rental Laws in Spain

Publicado por Pinera del Olmo el 10/09/2019
New Rental Laws in Spain Are you considering renting a housing in Spain? Are you a landlord looking to rent your property in Spain? Recently Spain made several changes to legislation relating to Rental law. When renting a property it is essential that you are informed of what the law is and that this should […]
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Spanish citizenship for Sephardic Jews – Spanish Regulation

Publicado por Pinera del Olmo el 01/01/2019
Piñera del Olmo Canals’ Lawyers have spent years helping with the process of obtaining Sephardic nationality by nature. Most of our clients do not know it but this process has been working for decades (previously it was included in the Spanish Civil Code), although in 2015 the proceeding changed with the new Law 12/2015, of […]
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Revenge Porn Laws: a Comparative Legal Analysis

Publicado por Pinera del Olmo el 17/12/2018
The term ‘revenge porn’, also referred to as ‘intentional distribution of non-consensual porn,’ is a form of cyber sexual harassment. It occurs when an ex-partner or even a hacker distributes sexually explicit images of a person online without their authorisation. This phenomenon is a growing problem in many parts of the world. Despite this, not […]
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Online Grooming of Children: Risks of the Digital Society

Publicado por Pinera del Olmo el 27/11/2018
European societies have become increasingly dependent on electronic networks. Nevertheless, the evolution of information communication technology has also lead to the development of criminal activity that is committed online, referred to as ‘cybercrime’. This may entail that the criminal offence has a cross-border effect, which requires transnational protection as well as cooperation and coordination with […]
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Spain on the Move to Reinforce its Legislation on Sexual Assault / Rape – Pinera del Olmo Canals Spanish Lawyers

Publicado por Pinera del Olmo el 09/11/2018
Spanish Lawyers specializing in sexual crimes all over Spain Legal definitions of ‘rape’ vary according to times and places. However, it is generally defined as forced sexual intercourse without the victim’s consent. Rape has been characterized as ‘torture that uses sex as a weapon’ by Helen Benedict. Most sexual assault victims feel that their rapist […]
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Updates to Mobile Phone Privacy Regulations

Publicado por Pinera del Olmo el 13/06/2018
 In 2018, it is difficult to find someone who does not rely on their phone for both their working and personal life. Given that a phone includes lots of personal information, it is important to regulate Privacy Rights for mobile phones. The Agencia Española de la Protección de Datos (AEPD, or The Spanish Agency for […]
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Student Visas in Spain

Publicado por Pinera del Olmo el 12/06/2018
 Are you considering studying in Spain? Read our essential guide below which relates to Student Visas, when you will need one, and how to apply for one in Spain. Our Lawyers advise that students who are from other countries in the European Union will never be required to apply for a visa for the duration […]
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Renting in Spain 3: The Deposit

Publicado por Pinera del Olmo el 12/06/2018
Deposits When Renting Spanish PropertyThe third feature in or series of blog posts relating to rental property will focus on deposits paid at the start of a rental property, and how to get them back when you leave the property. When renting a house or flat in Spain, you will have to pay a deposit […]
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