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Usually, when a foreign client contacts Piñera del Olmo Canals’ lawyers, he/she is confronted with a Spanish legal system, which is unknown to him. There are a lot of legal professionals in Spain of which the foreigners ignore their existence. For example, the “notary” or the “bailiff/Procurador.” All clients know that they need a lawyer for specific issues. However, they do not know that in Spain, the Law sometimes imposes that the lawyer works with another professional in the court cases (e.g., Both a lawyer and a bailiff are needed to order claims exceeding 2.000 euros).

Our lawyers have developed a summary of the frequently asked questions they face when clients want to work under the Spanish legal system in Barcelona, Madrid, Marbella or any other city in Spain:

  1. What does Notary do?

  2. What are the Land Registry, the Commercial Registry, and the Personal/Movable Property Registry?

  3.  What is the difference between a bailiff/Procurador and a lawyer?

  4. What is the role of a “perito”?

  5. Are foreign public documents valid in Spain?

  6. How many types of courts are there in Spain?

  7. How long could a judicial proceeding take in Spain?

  8. Can you file a lawsuit directly in labor proceedings?

  9. What is the time limit to file a complaint in Spain?

  10. I have had a road accident: What do I need to do?