Pedestrian accidents

Did you know that there are an average of 10,000 pedestrian accidents each year? Pedestrians hit by vehicles are victims of traffic accidents, but these cases have a number of specific features which must be taken into account.

Pedestrian accidents are fairly frequent in Spain with an average of 10,000 each year.

Our lawyers in Barcelona are specialised in accidents and often deal with cases of pedestrian accidents.

The first particularity of pedestrian accidents is that there is no insurance company to cover the fees of a lawyer. This is why pedestrians hit by vehicles especially value our no win no fee policy because we only charge if the client wins.

The victims of pedestrian accidents have a right to compensation as long as they are not entirely at fault.

What should I do if I have been victim to a pedestrian accident?

So firstly, note down all the details of the vehicle that has hit you.

What happens in the event of a hit-and-run?

If the car has taken off, you will still be able to claim compensation from the Insurance Compensation Consortium.

It’s important, as in any accident, that a medical professional assesses your injuries and that you receive immediate assistance following the accident. Compensation for pedestrian accidents covers both compensation for injuries and for medical expenses incurred.

An injury from a pedestrian accident may be minor, leading to compensation of thousands of euros, or more serious, with compensation of hundreds of thousands of euros.

How is compensation determined?

Using the same scale as cases of traffic accidents involving two vehicles.

We recommend calling our lawyers if you’ve been the victim of a pedestrian accident. We have lawyers in Barcelona, as well as other cities such as Sant Cugat, Madrid, Torrelavega and Santander.

DISCLAIMER: The information in this article is not definitive. For up-to-date information which is relevant to your case please contact our lawyers.

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