Do I have a right to compensation for an accident that took place while I was a passenger on a bus?

Public transport accident cases have a series of distinctive features to consider.

The first thing you must take into account is that your ticket is proof of the existence of a transport contract and you should try to keep it.

For public transport in Spain, there is a compulsory passenger insurance which covers passengers in the event that the bus driver is at fault for an accident. This bus will have an insurance company. If a third-party vehicle has intervened in the accident, it may be that the driver and insurance company of this third vehicle are also responsible for the accident.

Buses must have the compulsory motor insurance, just as any other vehicle, and it must cover the passengers of the bus just as it covers the insurance of the passengers of an ordinary car.

What should I do in the event of a bus accident?

  • Ticket: firstly, don’t lose the ticket because it’s proof of the contract and of the compulsory insurance for passengers.

  • Identify the bus: take a photo of the number plate or note it down.

  • Identify the place of the accident: take a photo of the place where the accident occurred.

  • Get information from witnesses: ask witnesses for their names, telephones, addresses…

  • Go to a medical professional to begin the right treatment immediately

What happens if I fall while getting on or off the bus?

The compulsory motor insurance for passengers should cover cases like yours.

What happens if I was not behaving properly on the bus?

For example, a common case is drunkenness at the time of falling or of the accident. Clearly, in this situation, it depends on the particular case, because being drunk doesn’t necessarily mean that all responsibility always lies with the client. It could be that even though the client was drunk, all or some of the blame also lies with the bus or a third party. In traffic accidents, it is advised that you are specific because the individual facts of each accident affect compensation and liability.

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