Spanish Lawyers in Barcelona 

Piñera del Olmo is a law firm located in Barcelona.

Our team of lawyers provide a full range of advisory services in criminal law, civil law, commercial law, tax law, and  litigation law to our clients from different industries.

Piñera del Olmo

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 08036 Barcelona

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    Additionally, our qualified Spanish lawyers offer real estate services to non-EU workers or foreign investors who want to buy a house in Spain or obtain Spanish residence.

    The experienced legal team at Piñera del Olmo SLP also provides expert advice on litigation, and will handle civil lawsuits before, during, and after trial.

    Our main office is located in the centre of Barcelona, and our attorneys also offer legal services in English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and more, handling international cases.

    1) Are you looking for a lawyer in Barcelona?

    Clients are looking for lawyers in Barcelona for many different reasons. Our office is multidisciplinary which means that, it does not matter what the reason, we have a lawyer that can help you with your problem. In fact, whichever area of Spanish law you need information about, I am sure that you will find an answer to your doubts in any of the different sections of our web page. We invite you to read our webpage and inform yourself about whichever legal doubt that you may have.

    2) I need a lawyer that speaks English in Barcelona, is it better to contact a lawyer from my own country or one in Spain?

    Laws are different in every country. Therefore, when contacting a lawyer, it is important that said lawyer speaks your language so that he/she can explain the issue to you, but more importantly is that he/she knows the law in order to defend you in Spanish tribunals. In conclusion, you must contact a lawyer educated in Spain, if the issue is related to Spanish law.

    It must be this way so that the Law, in difference to other sciences, is national because it depends on the laws of the country. Therefore, in the same line of reasoning, the best lawyer in Barcelona, would not defend you correctly in a foreign tribunal in a case that was not concerning Spanish law, nor would a lawyer of your country of origin defend you in Spain.

    3) I have a few things to manage in Barcelona, can a Barcelonan lawyer help me or do Barcelonan lawyers only work in tribunals?

    In Spain lawyers do not just work in tribunals alone. A lawyer can help you with other issues, like how to make a contract, revise your working rights, buy a ranch (property?), prepare your foreign papers, present your taxes…

    3.1) A Barcelonan Lawyer is a specialist in Spanish Law

    This means that a Spanish lawyer can give you advice so that you can reach the best agreements. Also they can get you out of obligations. Definitively, a lawyer can also be a legal assessor.

    3.2) In Barcelona, can I make legal agreements without a lawyer?

    If you are referring to signing a work contract, or signing a rent contract, in Spain you can do it without the help of a Spanish lawyer. However, if it is an important decision, it is convenient that you are informed, knowing your rights and your obligations.

    Especially so, you must know your obligations upon signing a contract or find yourself in a complicated situation in the future. Often, preventing a problem is simpler than solving it once it has occurred.

    4) A Barcelonan lawyer can work in other cities

    Our lawyers represent clients in all of Spain. We have cases in more than 100 towns in Spain, many in the peninsula like in the Canary Islands and Baleares. In Spain, lawyers can have cases all over the country. Also, the majority of judicial proceedings result in a displacement or a judicial audience, although almost all the proceeding is written.

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