Worrying about finances after a divorce is a normal reaction, but there are ways to make sure that one party is not left economically disadvantaged. Alimony is a financial compensation after a divorce, which is awarded to spouses who become economically disadvantaged because of a divorce. An example of someone who would likely receive alimony is a mother who stayed at home to take care of her children, rather than going to work to further her career.

In order to successfully file for alimony, two factors must be proven. First, one must prove that their financial situation has gotten worse due to the divorce. Secondly, there must be evidence showing that they are indeed the spouse that has the economic disadvantage.


The amount of alimony received is decided on a case to case basis. This decision is made through either an agreement between the divorcing spouses or the court that presides over the proceedings. Alimony could be a one time payment, temporary installments, or, in some specific cases could be permanent installments. Factors considered when deciding the amount of alimony a person will receive include how long the couple was married for, the disadvantaged spouse ́s ability to resume working, the income and expenses of each party, and both parties past and future commitment to their family…

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