We are lawyers

In our firm, we all work as lawyers.

What does this mean?

This means that throughout your case you will always have a legal professional specialised in traffic accidents as well as in procedural law. They will know how your case would develop in court, which is very important when considering whether to accept compensation or not.

It also means that the same lawyer or group of lawyers will take care of your case in the extrajudicial phase, because if the insurer offers a sufficient deal, you decide whether to go to court.

What you need to know

When accepting compensation through the extrajudicial route, the client should always know how much they could claim if they went through court, the possibilities of winning the court case, the consequences of the outcome with regards to cost and deadlines of the judicial procedures.

It is equally important that the client is informed of their rights, such as the right to receive interest and the amount of interest to which they are entitled.

Finally, the client should know that they have a legal defense clause which allows them to choose a lawyer who will be paid for by the insurance provider, either in full or in part depending on the limits of the clause. As lawyers, we will be able to explain the rights provided by the conditions of the insurance policy, as our professionals are specifically trained not only in traffic accidents but also in contracts and insurance policy.

The most important thing is that you will be offered the services not of a broker but of a specialist traffic accident lawyer who will have years of experience as a lawyer in cases such as yours.

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