Robbery Laws in Spain

Have you been accused of robbery? Do you have a legal issue related to robbery? Our lawyers specialized in robbery in barcelona wrote this article to offer basic information on the criminal consequences on different types of robbery.


The crime of robbery is defined in the article 237 of the penal code. This article defines robbery as for the intentionof profit, take the movable objects of others. To ¨take¨ can mean using a forceful manner to access them. Also, it could mean leaving the place where the taken object was found. Finally, by violence or intimidation towards the people. The previous acts can occur by committing the crime or by assisting the escape, or by affecting any person to come to the victim’s assistance or who persecutes the criminal.

Specifically, the difference between a robbery and a theft is that robbery includes violence or intimidation. Additionally, robbery has punishments that are more severe.

Types of robbery

1- Robbery using force upon objects: For example, lets say someone breaks a padlock to enter a property. In this case the was force used upon objects to break the padlock.

Another example of using force upon objects is if someone were to break an alarm system or an object at a grocery store. Force upon objects constitutes as breaking any method of security that a person put in place to protect the object of reference.

2- Robbery using violence or intimidation upon people: Violence refers to physical acts, for example throwing a punch or rendering someone immobile to rob them.

Meanwhile, intimidation refers to threatening the victim. For example, if a person has a bicycle and a group of six people come and tells them to give up the bicycle, using their group size to intimidate the person, it would qualify as intimidation.

Intimidation can include the show of weapons, such as a knife. However, in the cases that intimidation includes a weapon, the penalty is higher.

3- Robbery and theft using motor vehicles: In the case of vehicles there exists the robbery of use. Robbery of use means that if someone takes your car against your will and later has the intention of giving it back, it would still be a robbery, because they robbed the car owner out of use of the car.


Punishments for the crime of robbery will depend on the circumstances that produced the robbery.

For example, robberies in inhabited houses result in much longer prison sentences.

Also, sentences are longer for armed robberies or if the victim is a minor or intellectually disabled.

In the case that the object robbed is more expensive, the penalty is much higher.

Crimes of robbery using force towards objects results in a penalty of 1 to 3 years of prison. The penalty raises to 2 to 5 years when the robbery occurs in a habitated house, apartment, or store open to the public.In contrast, for crimes of violence or intimidation, the penal code establishes a prison sentence of 2 to 5 years. The robbery is more severe if the crime is committed in a habitated household, or if the perpretator was armed or other used other dangerous objects to do the robbery.


This concludes the summary of regulations in relation to robbery, and you are every accused of this crime, you have to quickly seek legal counsel with a lawyer specialized in patrimony crimes in Barcelona that is competent and has experience. It is important that you remember that in some cases, even the policeman make mistakes, and additionally, it is important to be certain that you were rightly accused.

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