Renting in Spain 1: How To Find a Rental Property

The rental market in Spain can sometimes seem confusing and frustrating. Our guide below offers some key information which can help people looking to rent property for mid to long term lets in Spain.

There are many reasons for which people seek rental property in Spain. It may be a holiday let, or for a mid-term or long-term let. Before searching, it is important to consider how long you would like your stay to be. If you are considering a property purchase for an indefinite move to Spain, or as an investment in the Spanish property market, many people choose to firstly rent a property. This helps them to get a feel for the area and make a more informed decision about where they would like to make a purchase.

Flat phott: Renting houses in Spain and Barcelona

What is the best way to find a rental property?

It can seem difficult to find a property for people who understand little about the Spanish rental market. For mid and long-term lets, there is the option of renting via an agency in the area which you would like to live. This option can make it simpler to find a property, as one agency can usually provide you with multiple options. However, using an agency can be more costly, as you will most likely have to pay agency fees (usually the equivalent of one month’s rent). It is important to be wary of agencies which aim their properties at foreign expats, as they can have unusually high prices for tenants who are unaware of the cost of renting in Spain. Before accepting a property, take some time to research the cost of similar rental properties.

The second approach to rental in Spain is less formal but can provide you with a better deal. Many landlords advertise their properties directly in newspapers, on Facebook groups and on property rental websites (for example idealista or fotocasa). It can pay off to look for social media groups specific to the area where you are seeking a property. This method of finding a rental property means that you avoid paying the fees which would be applicable when renting through an agency. Despite this, it is important to be wary of who you are renting from and the contract which they ask you to sign.

In both cases, it is important to see the property before you sign a contract and pay any money towards it. It is surprising how many people become victims of a scam or fraud when they find rental property in Spain. Our lawyers advise you to only pay the deposit and the first month’s rent on the day that you get the keys and have thoroughly checked that everything is up to standard and as described in the contract.

This article is the first in a series which we are publishing relating to property rental in Spain. If you would like further property rental advice, remember to check our blog in the next few weeks!

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