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Piñera del Olmo is a law firm located in Barcelona.

Our team of lawyers provide a full range of advisory services in criminal law, civil law, commercial law, tax law, and  litigation law to our clients from different industries.

Piñera del Olmo

 c/ Aribau 114, entlo 2ª
 08036 Barcelona

 Phone: +34 93 514 39 97

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    Additionally, our qualified Spanish lawyers offer real estate services to non-EU workers or foreign investors who want to buy a house in Spain or obtain Spanish residence.

    The experienced legal team at Piñera del Olmo SLP also provides expert advice on litigation, and will handle civil lawsuits before, during, and after trial.

    Our main office is located in the centre of Barcelona, and our attorneys also offer legal services in English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and more, handling international cases.

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