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9) What is the time limit to file a complaint in Spain?

In Spain, there are various legal actions, and each of them has its time-limits. There are short time-limits which can last for days and others for years. The office of Piñera del Olmo has filed lawsuits based on facts that occurred over a decade ago. Catalonia also has its own Civil Code, which sets its time-limits, as some Spanish regions have their own particular civil law regulations.

It is essential that, if you think you have a right and you can resort to the courts to defend it, you get the assistance of a lawyer as soon as possible to avert the expiry of the time-limit of a judicial claim.

It would be best if you considered that in some cases, you may use different legal actions. Although some of these actions have expired due to estoppel, you may have recourse to other actions not affected by estoppel.

The Spanish lawyers of Piñera del Olmo Canals will advise you on the most effective types of actions and their time-limits.