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1) What does a Notary do?

A public notary authorizes public deeds.

Spanish law distinguishes between public and private documents.

It is necessary to notarize certain documents into public deeds, since they carry a greater evidential value or because it is a prerequisite under the Law, to register them in a public registry. For instance, real estate purchases usually must be formalized in a public deed, which needs registration with a land registry.

Our Law Firm uses notaries for some procedures, such as real estate purchases, wills, powers of attorney, company incorporation, citizenship protocols for Sephardic descendants, etc.

Our law firm works with notaries who speak English, but in case you need a notary in a city where there are no English speaking notaries we can also translate the deed. Also, our sworn translators may obtain a translation of the public deed you are about to sign for you to understand what you are going to sign and what rights and obligations it entails.

Notary fees are calculated according to an official rate.