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2) What are the Land Registry, the Commercial Registry, the Civil Registry and the Registry of the Personal/Movable Property?

There are different registries in Spain, such as the Commercial Registry, the Registry of Movable Property, the Civil Registry, and the Land Registry. There are also other registries, such as the Patents and Trademarks Agency which registers patents and trademarks, the registry of criminal records, or the registry of weapons. Our Spanish lawyers can check online most Spanish registries and consult the information they contain.

The registries in Spain our lawyers usually consult are:

  • The Commercial Registry, which registers acts that are commercial in nature, such as the incorporation of companies or the identity of the managers of a company.

  • The Civil Registry, which registers the marital status of persons, for example, births or marriages.

  • The Registry of Movable Property, which lists the owner of some movable property, such as cars. This Registry is necessary to know the identity of the owner of the vehicles circulating on the roads.

  • The Land Registry, which contains the identity of owners of real estate. This Registry is not very often updated, and sometimes the notary and the registrar need to correct the descriptions of the real estate that the clients intend to buy in Spain.

The registration of a purchase agreement is essential since it shows who is the owner of the real estate to third parties. Our lawyers can help you obtain the registration of your property.

Furthermore, using this Registry, our lawyers can verify certain burdens, such as mortgages or easements.

The lawyers of Piñera del Olmo Canals examine the Registry (in addition to other sources) to ascertain that the properties or companies our clients intend to purchase are without problems.