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Spanish citizenship for Sephardic Jews

Spanish Citizenship For Sephardic Jews

Under the current Spanish Civil Code, the descendants of Spanish Jews who were exiled in 1492 (“Sephardim” or Sephardic Jews) have the right to apply for citizenship.

Recently the Spanish government has published the long-awaited draft regulations amending the “Carta de Naturaleza” application, through which Spanish nationality can be obtained by demonstrating the applicant’s Sephardic ancestry.

Download a copy of the law on Spanish citizenship for Sephardic Jews published on the website of the Spanish Ministry of Justice.

The “Carta de Naturaleza” application is based on article 21.1 of the Spanish Civil Code, according to which “The Spanish nationality is acquired by naturalization, discretionally granted by Royal Decree, when exceptional circumstances are demonstrated by the applicant.

The application must be filed before the Ministry of Justice, together with proof of special circumstances that justify the granting of citizenship. In this case, the circumstances are the Sephardic Jewish identity and its close historical ties with Spain, Spanish language and culture.

The entire procedure used to take several years, but since the 2015 reform, the waiting period has been substantially reduced. A major change brought about by the new law is that the applicant obtaining Spanish citizenship will not be required to give up his/her previous nationality.

Our services include all application processing, our firm is also able to provide a genealogical report prepared by a historian specializing in Sephardic history. We can then translate the document into Spanish or submit the application in your name. 

Following the great expectation generated by the imminent adoption of this law, many international radio stations have interviewed the Piñera del Olmo SLP legal team, given the prestige and recognition that our law office has worldwide. In our Blog you can see the interviews offered by our international solicitors and legal advisers to radio stations around the world in 2014: we were interviewed on the German radio station “Deutschlandfunk”, the French radio station “Radio France International”, and also the Israeli radio station “Radio Tempo Israel”.

If you wish to apply for Spanish citizenship for Sephardic Jews, or if you need more information on this matter please contact our office at, or call +34 93 514 39 97. You can also contact us using the contact form.

Disclaimer: This information in this article is not definitive, for up to date legal advice which is relevant to your case please contact our lawyers.