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6) How many types of courts are there in Spain?

There are many types of courts in Spain. Our lawyers can represent your interests in all of them. Mainly, in the following order, depending on the nature of the matter at hand:

1) Civil and Commercial Courts

2) Criminal Courts

3) Civil Courts

4) Contentious-Administrative Courts

5) Military Courts

6) Penitentiary Courts

7) Ecclesiastical Courts

There are distinct courts for each subject matter; for example, there are the courts of the first instance and the courts of appeals.

They are also classified based on their function: there are criminal courts investigating crimes and other courts judging them. There are criminal courts for specific subject matters too, such as the Courts of Domestic Violence.

Likewise, there are many courts in charge of different subject matters, as you may find more than 50 courts for each subject matter in large cities like Barcelona and Madrid.

Of course, there are some subject matters which have fewer courts, such as domestic violence, but there are more 50 civil courts (courts of the first instance) per subject-matter (for example, there are 59 civil courts handling suits filed by Spanish lawyers in Barcelona).

Lawyers know the jurisdiction to which their cases correspond, but they do not know the judge beforehand because cases rotate following the order of lawsuits filed with the court’s filing desk.

In cities like Barcelona or Madrid, it is difficult to know which judge is going to handle the case, but in any event, the judges in Spain are impartial, and all of them are highly trained and educated.

We have specialized lawyers to appear before all the different courts in Spain and with extensive courtroom experience in the entire country (Barcelona, Madrid, Marbella, or Bilbao).



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