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7) How long could a judicial proceeding take in Spain?

It depends on the court’s workload, but usually, proceedings are lengthy Spain. Our lawyers know that civil cases may take (excluding appeals) between 6 and 15 months.

A criminal case lasts much longer, except in case of minor offenses. The majority of minor offenses represented by our criminal lawyers take an average of 6 months to be finalized.

As always, there are courts more overwhelmed with work than others, but Barcelona and Madrid are quite fast, and generally solving cases within the average Spanish time.

When a Spanish lawyer files a complaint, he or she does not know which court will process it, as there are various courts for each subject-matter. For example, there are 59 civil courts of the first instance and 11 commercial courts, only for Barcelona in 2018.

If a lawyer from Barcelona files a complaint before the commercial court of Barcelona, he or she knows his complaint will be dealt with by the commercial court in Barcelona, but he or she does not know which of the 11 courts in Barcelona will handle his case.

There are some courts with a heavier workload than others, for example, because they have received cases that have not been solved in the mediation stage and the proceedings, therefore, require more significant work for the judge and officials, or because there have been more extensive court enforcement procedures.

This is why the timeframe may vary, depending on the court and the type of proceeding.

In some cities, the Ministry of Justice adds reinforcement courts to reduce the workload of some cities.



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