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Crimes Against Family

Crimes Against Family Relations

Crimes against family relations can cause problems within a family. It is important to keep in mind not only the protection of the immediate family but also how their relationships may be affected.

In our Office, we have highly qualified professionals who specialise in Criminal Law and Family Law, who can help should you find yourself as a victim of a crime against family relations, or should you need a professional to defend your rights before a prosecutor.

Our team has extensive experience in this type of crime, relating to many different types of cases. These range from breaches of custody to cases derived from the non-payment of pensions.

Similarly, our lawyers represent many clients in cases related to criminal actions within the family environment, such as crimes of “mistreatment”. Our criminal lawyers work with their specific training in gender violence.

The article which regulates crimes against family relationships refers to the following:

  • Illegal marriages.

  • The break down or alternation of paternity, state or condition of the minor.

  • Crimes against the rights and responsibilities of relatives.

  • Violation of custody rights and the abandonment of minors in the home.

  • Abduction of children and abandonment of minors or the handicapped.

Criminal offences against family relations have the aim of protecting the family unit, although the legalities can vary according to the crime. For example, with regard to illegal marriage, public interest is also considered, to defend a certain type of matrimonial relationshipIn the alteration of the civil status, specific rights deriving from parentage are protected. Alternatively, in crimes against familiar rights and responsibilities, family relations maintain the right to get access to safeguarded material.

Our lawyers have varied experience and extensive training in Family Law and Criminal Law. Should you need legal advice, do not hesitate to get in contact with our firm using the contact form or via telephone (+34 93 514 39 97).

Disclaimer: This information in this article is not definitive, for up to date legal advice which is relevant to your case please contact our lawyers.